“America’s Marines Singing “Days of Elijah””

Praise the One true God!

Dear Jesus, we come before You and praise Your Holy name! The name above all names! We thank You and You alone for everything, even the thinks we may not understand completely right now. BUT, we love You, we trust You, and we exalt your mighty name. Jesus we ask You to watch over all of our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus all over the world and yes, in Iran and Iraq and China and N Korea. Not just these but in all nations across this world. Dear Father in heaven, we pray that You would watch over our military, our sons and daughters, our mothers and fathers, our nieces and nephews. Our friends and neighbors. Watch over them as they are under attack. We ask that You would give them and our president and each of us Godly wisdom. War is not good or what we want. Sometimes it might be necessary. I trust You and You alone.

In the name above all names, I ask these things, thank You Jesus. Amen


Bible Prophecy Update – January 5th, 2020 -Pastor JD Farag

God bless


John Haller “The Apostasy: What It Isn’t, What It Is”. September 15, 2019

This very thing has at times caused me confusion. It is taught different ways. This is excellent food for thought. Whatever YOU believe, ask yourself why you think that way. Because you only heard it like that or because you have searched it out and can stand behind your reasons. Good teaching…you pray about it and study it and decide.

God bless each one of my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!