I’ll Be Better When I’m Older: my so-called life as parable

They are wake ups but I am thankful for each one of God’s personal teachings.


I preach 30 Sundays a year for the Church of Christ in Lake Orion, Michigan. They’ve been kind to me and I have benefitted from their grace and love through challenging times in my life. I often wish I had more to offer in return.

It’s not preaching like I’ve done it before. My sermons don’t carry the added thickness of pastoral care like they did for congregations that I served full-time. And I don’t spend as much time on sermons as I once did. Truth is, I often don’t get to my sermon text until Saturday morning. I try to have a sermon in mind at the end of my Saturday morning time. That puts a lot of pressure on Sunday mornings. I get up early, eat breakfast at a little cafe and write my sermon there. I then go to Starbucks for real coffee and memorize my biblical…

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