I love God.  I believe God.

I always simply believed in pre-trib.  Lately I have been thinking about it more.  I wonder if it is worth fighting or debating over. Do any of us really know?  I was not raised in church and have studied on my own.  If pretrib is wrong could it effect what you do?  Could you believe in the false Christ.  I believe if w are a child of God we will know Him. 

I will continue to study and pray about this. I invite any of your thoughts on the issue.

Love you all and let us all turn our faces to God.


5 thoughts on “Rapture?

  1. Just keep your eyes on the Lord… Do not look to the left or the right. Do not worry about what is happening or what is to come because you will be so wrapped up in Him that it does not matter. Nothing will matter but Him… He promises that He will take care of us so that is all that matters… Trust Him. Blessings to you!!


    • Thank you and I know you are right! I even can tell myself that but then catch myself off the charts again. I also have sons in the Navy and so I try to stay on top of all the world stuff which worries me and does not help. When I have sons I worry about, it is hard not to want to keep an eye on what is happening. If I knew my youngest was saved I would not worry so much. Keep him in your prayers and pray God puts someone in his path that can be a role model and a man of God and that God will use them to lead him to Christ. I left him a new nice bible the last trip I made to visit him in San Diego. I tell him to keep safe and I keep him and the others on his ship in my prayers. If I push him or start talking more than that it pushes him away and so I have learned to keep it simple and suttle and pray for someone beside his mom to come along that he will listen to.


      • I totally understand. Many times,children do not want to listen to their parent but I have found that God has been faithful to answer my prayers and bring someone to speak into my children’s lives, telling them the same thing that mom says, but they receive it better from others. God will bless you for your prayers and take care of your children as He has mine. I pray that God will put your children on a short leash that they will be drawn to Him and not stray. I pray the promises of Psalm 91 over your children that God will protect them from harm as your prayers as their mother go forth to the Throne of Grace. All we can do then is release all fears to God and remind Him of His promises for He loves your children even more than you do. Many blessings to you and I will continue to pray for you and your family…


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