Mid-East Prophecy update 12/01/2013

I like to listen to different perspectives.  JD Farag is a pastor that I stumbled on about a year ago and every Sunday I look forward to listening to what he has to share.  I do want to say that you should never completely just follow what your pastor or any pastor says.  You should always read your bible yourself and seek the wisdom of God.  Now for this weeks update….




3 thoughts on “Mid-East Prophecy update 12/01/2013

  1. Pastor J.D. I enjoy your teachings and I truly believe we r in the end time and we should b looking up, I was studying Devine providence and how the Lord in relation to it is in control of all things to include weather related events. The Philippine’s had a great cyclone a couple of weeks ago and I was astonished to the devastation of the event, I know Amir Psaftari was there recently and I have also followed his teachings per your advise to do so, did you know that during the month of November which is the same month they encountered the greatest cyclone of the world, since recording of such events. The people of the Philippines during this month celebrate what could be construed as worshiping the (Nehalem). They dress up in costumes as Giant figures and parade around the city worshiping there ancestors as Giant Idols wearing Giant paper Mache costumes, it is called (The festival Gigante’) He-gan-te. I pray that the word of GOD reach them soon, and like always I look forward to your next teaching, God Bless you and your family Pastor J.D. and if ever your in San Antonio TX and need a place to stay, please feel free to send me an email so I can make your stay with us as comfortable as possible….


    • Hey! Thanks for the comment. I wanted you to know you commented on my blog so I am not sure pastor JD saw it! I love listening to him and put him on my blog with his updates!


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