Wisdom? Do You Dare Ask?

Ecclesiastes 1:18
For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.

Reading this verse can cause some if not many to say “thanks but no thanks,”. I mean really, who needs anymore grief in this life? I have many friends who say they are Christians and I have no reason to doubt them, but they don’t want to know any truths. What do I mean? When I begin to tell them things that are happening in the world and how it relates to bible prophecy they get big eyes and fear washes across some of their faces. They say they just do not want to think about any of that. They say I look for too much, I think too much. I continue to search and try to learn too much. I think they do see the grief it has caused me on the inside. NOT BECAUSE I HAVE NO JOY OR BECAUSE I LIVE IN FEAR, no on the contrary. You see, when I see how things in our world really relate to the word of God it only creates a deeper faith in God. As I learn I continue to see more and more. I think it also makes me see how so many are lost. So many do not even realize to the extent of how lost they are. They only want to lose themselves in all the things that give them pleasure in this life. Let’s have FUN! Let’s go shop and buy things because they think it gives them joy. Let’s go here or there and do this or that, because they think it will bring them joy. Let’s get lost in reality TV. WHAT, DO YOU NOT HAVE ENOUGH REALITY ALREADY? They don’t want the truth, the real, the here and now. They don’t want to think about it. The real truth is that God is the only true joy. He is the only One who can fill the voids that we all try so hard to fill.

I love what this commentary says…(Matthew Henry’s Commentary)
Upon the whole, therefore, he concluded that great scholars do but make themselves great mourners; for in much wisdom is much grief, Ecclesiastes 1:18. There must be a great deal of pains taken to get it, and a great deal of care not to forget it; the more we know the more we see there is to be known, and consequently we perceive with greater clearness that our work is without end, and the more we see of our former mistakes and blunders, which occasions much grief. The more we see of men’s different sentiments and opinions the more at a loss we are, it may be, which is right. Those that increase knowledge have so much more the quick and sensible perception of the calamities of this world, and for one discovery they make that is pleasing, perhaps, they make ten that are displeasing, and so they increase sorrow. Let us not therefore be driven off from the pursuit of any useful knowledge, but put on patience to break through the sorrow of it; but let us despair of finding true happiness in this knowledge, and expect it only in the knowledge of God and the careful discharge of our duty to Him. He that increases in heavenly wisdom, and in an experimental acquaintance with the principles, powers, and pleasures of the spiritual and Devine life, increases joy, such as will shortly be consummated in everlasting joy.

My words…
I have lived seeking joy in the things of this world and can therefore compare it to the joy that comes with seeking wisdom from Almighty God. Although along with the joy also comes sorrow and sadness for the lost and the blind, just as I also was once, I will continue to pray that God will never remove the burden from my heart for all those who are lost. I would rather live all the days of my life with the sorrow and grief for the lost that also comes with the joy of knowing The Lord and seeking His wisdom and knowledge. I would rather see all the things God wants me to see than to live one more day in darkness from being blind as I once was.
Thank you My Father in Heaven, Lord of Lords, King of Kings…my Redeemer, my Savior! In the name above all names I give thanks and praise and honor and glory. In the name of Jesus I give thanks….



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