Thin Ice

Lately i have felt more times than not that I am starting my day out well as I drive to work and spend my time in prayer and worship. Oh yes, I feel strong. It does not take me long before I realize that I am weak. Not long before the frustration of the work day has me on edge. Not long before the wicked world around me seems to be sucking me into the very things I hate. Yes, not long before the Holy Spirit is convicting me and the guilt is causing the depression of again praying for mercy and forgiveness.

I am not so foolish to think I can be perfect and not sin. I do know I should be more mindful of what The Lord God Almighty desires of those that say they Love Him and serve Him.

Half of the United States has had some horrible weather! Snow, frigid weather and storms. So cold Chicago had to close schools one day. Every day this week I have had to really watch, go slow driving to work and knowing that black ice is there in the darkness of the morning drive. This morning as I claimed out of the car and carefully gathered my things and being careful not to SLIP. I slowly etched my way to the office building. I began to notice that I was thinking about every move, scooting my shoes across the parking lot as though I was skating on ice instead of picking up my feet and taking steps. I kept thinking, “slow and easy, keep the pace and no need to hurry.” Yes! I made to the door and all without a fall.

I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me deep in my soul. “Maybe if you kept your mind on the things of God throughout the day just as you were keeping your thoughts on your feet and keeping steady so as not to fall, just maybe you might not fall so often or so quickly.”
Psalms 119:4-6 Thou has commanded to keep thy precepts diligently. Oh that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes. Then should I not be confounded, when I have respect unto all thy commandments.

Simply put. Walk in the way of The Lord all day. Take every step while carefully paying attention to to the things I do and say just as though you are walking and avoiding slipping on the THIN ICE.

Thank you dear Jesus for giving me the eyes to see and the ears to hear what you had for me today!


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