I am Loved

God is Love
God is my Creator
God is my Father
God is my friend
God is my teacher
God will not leave me
God is the I Am
God is the First
God is the Last
God is the Alpha and the Omega
God is the Beginning and He is the End

God sent His only begotten son Jesus, to die for my sins.
He died for your sins too.
Do you know Jesus?
If not do you want to know Jesus?
He first loved us so that we might know how to love.
He gave me a choice. He has given you a choice too.
Choose this day whom you will serve.
In two days I will celebrate His resurrection. Will you also choose that?
He will return soon. We do not know the day or the hour but I pray that all who do not know Him will seek Him before it is too late.

Love to you all…
Hope you have had a Good Friday!


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