Middle East Prophecy Update 6/13/2014

Are you uncertain?

Are you walking your own way and thinking it is fine, I mean after all you are not hurting anyone, right?

What if? Do you ever ask yourself that question? If not should you?

I have realized I cannot save anyone because if I could I would. As I have tried to talk to those I love and see the look on their faces that seem to be saying (really? Am I really going to have to listen to this?), and my heart breaks when I feel the love I have for their eternal lives seems to fall on deaf ears.

Ezekiel 2 (in my own words)
A few weeks ago this spoke to me strongly. GO, GO and speak and tell them and tell them thus sayeth The Lord God. Do not fear them and do not be surprised when many will not listen. Go, Go continued to be the message I felt in my soul.

To anyone who says,”they have been saying this forever”. Turn off the TV for a week, seek The Lord with prayer and reading the Holy Bible. Spend some time searching out news from overseas. Consider our news and consider after you watch some info from alternative sources that maybe we are not hearing half of what is going on in the Middle East because it is not good for business. Consider that if people became aware of the possibility of a reality that was far more gut wrenching than waiting on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. What if people stopped spending so much time on the TV with reality shows about the newest bachelor? What if people stopped spending money on more this and that which they did not need to begin with? What if they began to use the extra money to help those who were in need? What if they began to see the importance and have the same sense of urgency I did after watching what is truly going on in the world and learning the word of God and seeing how this short life of ours is in each of our own hands. Maybe not the details, but what WE CHOOSE and WHO WE CHOOSE TO SERVE. What if the people who decide what is important to report to us are afraid that just MAYBY that could effect an already failing economy. JUST A SIMPLE WHAT IF QUESTION that I think is important for each of us to really think about. Not one of us can save another, not by what we do or say but we can spread the gospel by the God given gifts we have been given. We have been called to go.

God bless


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