Great Testimony of the Hand of God!

I will begin by giving you just a small preface.
God began to show me a few things a little at a time. This story began in November of 2012. All the tidbits He gave me to see were so meaningful that I wrote them down. He drew me to certain scripture. He would have someone send me an email. That email I received, by what some might call chance, happened to set off an alarm in my head and my mind immediately tied the things from several months back, beginning that day in November. I immediately knew I had to give to this and my spirit kept giving me a $ amount that seemed literally crazy for me. I know how I tend to jump in sometimes before thinking and so I told myself….wait and pray about it. The very next day the verse The Lord sent to me on my phone app was this.

Exodus 25:1-2
The Lord said to Moses,  “Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. You are to receive the offering for me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.

This offering is to build the Tabernacle, including the Ark.  Notice that this is a voluntary offering, given from those people, “that give it willingly with their heart”. (NKJV, KJV)  God uses these offerings to make a physical dwelling place among Israel.  Just as the tabernacle was built by willing hearts, so is the place God has in each one of us.  We must meet God with a “YES” when He knocks on the door of our hearts.  In Christ, God has made His home with us through the Holy Spirit.  I pray that as the Holy Spirit searches our hearts, that we willingly offer all we are.

Ok, so this was the very next morning! So, needless to say I would give the $6,000 that was on my heart. Now, I did not have it. I knew God would walk with me. I had just paid off credit cards. I put on that and I received a letter saying I could get it for 0% interest. A couple of days later I get a nice raise…yes, out of the blue!

What burdened my heart so much that I would desire so deeply to give? Bibles in The Uganda language. If it had been anywhere other than UGANDA I would have maybe given $20. The details God began that November began with Uganda. Later The Lord clearly had shown me that their are no coincidences and that became clear in the book of Ruth.

When I gave that I told her I wanted to be anonymous . Did not want anyone else at work to know I had done that. I did not want it to be about me but about He. The lady who took it was moved and later shared with me that it grew her faith and her husbands. She had thought maybe 200 bibles and that would be great. Well, at $10 per bible she had 600 from me and money was coming in. Not sure what they ended up with BUT….TODAY she shared something with me from one of the groups she worked with in Africa. Before I tell you that I want to say she had told me that these villages and churches might only have a bible or two and would tear them apart into sections to share with other villages. At least each one might have something. Book of John or Matthew…. Can you imagine? She was so thrilled, she hoped to give each little church pastor a whole bible. They were instead able to give many bibles and start new churches. Some were able to have bibles to take home and teach those around them.

So, here is the short email she sent me today and I hope you are blessed and always follow the Lords leading. It was the best thing I ever bought! The below as stated was only 50 bibles….oh my what is God doing with the rest?

I have a friend that has been working for several years to get a book published on the atrocities that young girls and women go through as they cross over into the adult world. The rite of passage for women is brutal and leaves scars on the outside and inside. We have been able to accomplish that and she is busy raising awareness and selling them to raise funds for her next venture.

The reason I share this with you is that she told me because of the 50 bibles she was able to receive and share in her community the Lord has done a great thing. Before the bible they had around 50 people meeting in a garage. Now they have hundreds and they have moved into a temporary structure. With the Word being preached in and around the villages, the community has given her land on which to someday build a clinic to help these girls and women recover from the shame and emotional heartbreak of what has been done to them. The preaching of the Word is also giving mothers the courage to stand up for the rights and futures of their daughters against a barbaric custom handed down in the darkness.

The bibles that you so generously poured into are still bringing forth fruit for heaven and on earth!!! Please keep Grace in your prayers as she perseveres with great joy in her calling. I thank you for your love and faith and encourage you to stand firm and press on in the darkness around us. HUGS!!!!!!



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