The Love of Your Life

Who is yours?
What is yours?
Think about all the things you enjoy.  You just might surprise yourself.

Acts 19:23-27
About that time there arose a great disturbance about the Way.  A silversmith named Demetrius, who made silver shrines of Artemis, brought in a lot of business for the craftsmen there.  He called them together, along with the workers in related trades, and said: “You know, my friends, that we receive a good income from this business.  And you see and hear how this fellow Paul has convinced and led astray large numbers of people here in Ephesus and in practically the whole province of Asia. He says that gods made by human hands are no gods at all.  There is danger not only that our trade will lose its good name, but also that the temple of the great goddess Artemis will be discredited; and the goddess herself, who is worshiped throughout the province of Asia and the world, will be robbed of her divine majesty.”
A riot breaks out in Ephesus. Industry is suffering because a business is largely dependent upon idol worship. The gospel is reaching people, they are turning away from idols that represent other gods, and the human hands making the idols are out business. I’ve heard people say that they cannot live without their smartphone or tablet. These kind of things are tools, but we have the capacity to worship any and all of them. Who is on the throne of your heart? Is it Jesus Christ, or is there a pretender on the throne that makes sure you have everything you want, instead of everything you need? Demetrius feels threatened, like he might lose his way of life. Luke 9:24 says, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” Lose the idols, and lose yourself to Jesus.

Verse/Commentary courtesy of ‘Verse-A-Day’ android app.


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