Opening Note

Short and to the point from our younger generation.

World News At Your Fingers


I’m sure everyone is wondering why?

Why, am I taking the time to care?

Why, am I digging into somethings that should be left alone?


Well, as a 20 year old I should be out drinking with her friends on Friday Nights and sleeping in, in the morning. Slapping the snooze button many times until my alarm won’t turn off. I am an observer, I watch what is going on around me. I analyze the issues that are going unnoticed, and issues that are the Big-elephant-in the room conflicts. I am still unsure what reasoning is behind the ignorance, and the over-looking that is happening in the United States. Are we just closing our eyes like we did as children; hoping the scary monster in our closet go away? Or is it the feeling that we are an immortal country; like the feeling of the “This is Sparta”…

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