God Help Us All (what happened?)

We certainly have turned from God as a NATION.  This brings judgement to us when our government does this.  This was Thursday and then on Friday the National Cathedral (I think that is the name of the church) held the call to prayer for muslims…. Back to back. EYES OPEN FOLKS….. Deception is lulling many into a deeper sleep. Bible says to watch and pray….over and over. Do not be deceived over and over. God says many people will perish for a lack of knowledge. If you do not read the word of God and know the Word of God you just might be deceived into thinking this is a peaceful religion or that we all worship the same “god”. There is but one TRUE God….King of Kings, First and Last, Savior, Mighty Counselor, Beginning and End, The I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, the Ancient of Days, Jesus Christ! Only ONE WAY to HIM and it is ❌ not through the darkness pretending to be a light.

So horrible. I struggle sometimes with why do they say we are blessed to live in these last days, to be able to see the things we are seeing. I suppose when I am feeling that struggle it is because my faith is not where it should be. I step out on the water to walk towards Jesus and like Peter I get distracted and fear rises within me. Jesus tells us things will be worse than anything ever before and than ever will be. He tells us He is telling us ahead of time so that we will know.

So why is it that we have a hard time believing what we are seeing? Why do I catch myself thinking “oh surly you are making a bigger deal out of all this stuff”. Surly our government would not allow this stuff. Maybe it is because we have lived our lives through some good times (in the middle of plenty of bad), but I guess most of my life I have trusted the government. I have thought good always (for the most part) prevails! Good wins over evil. The truth always comes out in the end. In the end good will have victory over evil and truth will prevail in the end. I suppose we will have to live and possibly die in these last days in the time where there is going to be a longer period between the present day – evil that has arrived and this is where we must all learn to STAND FIRM and continue to STAND FIRM and put on the full armor of God. Remembering that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual rulers and principalities.

Dear God, help us to stand firm and help us in any unbelief we may have.  Help us to see the truth before our eyes.  Help us not to deceive ourselves with our own minds.  Give us Your wisdom.  Help us to be bold.  Help us to speak out for YOUR truth and not to shake in a corner claiming to have faith in the One and only true God!  You have victory and we can too if we have ALL of our trust in You!  You are patient wanting none to perish.  Thank you for that!  I praise your most Holy name!  Amen


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