Because I Said So and Because I Love You!

A few things to ponder on…..

The past 45 days of this year and every year.
1. Busy times!
2. Planning.
3. Shopping.
A. All the gifts for all those we love. After all, we have to be sure the kids have more than we had and everything they want. After all, we do not want all of their friends getting things that our kids did not. That could cause then to feel sad. Yes, even if they got everything they needed and close to all the wanted.
B. All the perfect decorations for the house. After all, you can drive past many of the houses now days and they do not have just one fine tree in the living room window but they have a tree in at least 4 or 5 windows all lit up. I keep thinking 1 or 2 additional trees might work this year.
C. We have to make a list of must haves for what clothes we need for all the upcoming parties! We will need clothing for all the Christmas pictures and for this years family photo. Then we cannot forget all the children programs and what we need for those events.
D. Food and preparation for all events.
4. Fundraisers that we plan on participating in as time permits.
5. Certainly need to leave space for all the things forgotten or that may surprisingly come up.

Yes, these are busy times.

My goodness! Clearly some take it to this extent. Even those of us who don’t go that far still find ourselves either caught up in some of it even if it is because we feel pressured to a degree.

But it is all good right? I mean it is the joyful season! Time of love and good cheer! Friends and family!

So one thing we must ask ourselves is….have you left open time for the One the season is supposed to be about? If you, or I say yes, would God agree?

Another question is, have we kept our eyes so focused on all of our important business that we have looked beyond all of those in need? Have we justified that with the fact that we participated in the giving of gifts to a family in need by way of the department we work with or maybe something the church was doing?

Some of you may find yourself in the high end category and some like myself in the lower end. Still finding yourself weighted down but not to the point up putting up 5 trees or even going to 2 parties.

This Christmas Eve I rushed into McDonalds for a moment and my eyes landed right on the only woman at the counter. She had apparently dumped all of her change and appeared to be all the money she had onto the counter. The woman behind the counter was helping her sort through it and count up what she needed. The Lord had clearly presented me with the one whom I could help.

I suppose this one was easy to spot, but are we missing all the other people who need a kind word or an ear? Are we looking right past so many in need because they don’t have an open hand out in front of us? Are we missing them because we are too focused on ourselves and our selfish over indulgences all in the name of Christmas? Would Jesus be pleased with us? Then again, we will all have to stand before Him one day so a better question is “would God be pleased with my (or your) actions this year”?

Lord, please help us keep Christmas in perspective and for the 45 days that lead up to it please help up to keep you first and then help us not look past those whom we need to see. Help us to do as your Holy Word says….because You said so and You first loved us. Thank you, in Jesus name I pray.


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