Teens Blog SF28 – It Was Just a Slip…..Honest!

Good message for each of us, young and old!


slip of the tongue
So you’re at church and some friends start to get in your face and joke around with you and before you know it, you let it rip.

There goes that word. Like a rocket bursting from your mouth into the air and you just can’t get it back.

For some of you, cursing isn’t that big of a deal. Some of you have used the excuse that because several words are in the Bible, you can reuse that word to your liking and be okay with it, even if it isn’t in the right context to what you are speaking about. And some of you have used swear words with the excuse that you can use them when you are really, really angry.

Now to some of your friends who hear it may think, “Ooooo, you just said a bad word!” or they may think to themselves, “Hey if he…

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