Carson Makes A Move In Iowa

Desert Musings

I’ve always liked Ben Carson…but then who wouldn’t? He’s the most likeable of any of the candidates on either side. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s good at conversation, and he doesn’t unnecessarily bash people like the other “non-politician” running. Now, it looks like Carson may be making his move…at least in Iowa.

Carson overtook Donald Trump in two polls yesterday, and of course the media hasn’t really exploited that. The big news is that Trump threw a temper-tantrum over the whole thing. He blew up saying that the polls were wrong “because the people of Iowa love me”. Huh? Yup. And that Ben Carson has “super-low energy, and what we need is super-high energy”. Oh, yeah… for the first time in the race, he said that the polls in question…Quinnipiac and Ann J. Selzer, don’t like him…that’s why they show him slipping to second place.

I’ve felt all along that…

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