Seek the Lord with Child Like Faith

If you seek me with all your heart
you will find me. (The analogy below is so clear and understandable.)

Deuteronomy 4:29
But if from there you seek the LORD your God,
you will find him if you look for him with all your heart
and with all your soul. (NIV Bible)

The Lord encourages us to seek Him with all our heart and all our soul. If we do pursue Him with everything within us, He promises that we will find Him. I imagine this to be similar to a child’s game of hide and seek. When my children were young, they would love to play this game with my wife and I. They would turn towards the wall and close their eyes and count to ten.

In the mean time, we would scamper off into another part of the house to find a place in which to hide. At the count of ten, our children would shriek in delight and begin their quest to find us. Their anticipation would build as they would open every closet door and look under every bed.

While the searching part of the game was always fun, it was the finding part that was the real climax! We never chose a place too hard for our children to find us for we loved the moment when our children would finally catch us. Our cry of “You found me!” and their cry of “I found you!” would happen simultaneously followed by a mutual celebration that the game was over.

The game wouldn’t have been fun if our intention was to hide so that our children would never find us. The fun is in being found. I think it is the same way in our relationship with God. When He calls us to search for Him, He never hides Himself so well that He cannot be found.

Father, I am thankful that You do not make it difficult for me to find You, for You are never far away and are always happy to be found! I pray that I might pursue You with all my heart and my soul, all the while having a child-like anticipation of finding You! In the name of your beloved Son Jesus I pray, AMEN.

This was taken from “Father’s Love Letter. Com”

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