The LORD’s Word (Poem)

Another beautiful poem from a brother in Christ….


The LORD’s Word

Creates ocean waves

They surf right through my brain

The love of the Father

Is what keeps me brave

If you’re interested and bothered

To know my inner flame

Then Salvation

Is the name

Spreading it all over the nation

Is the game


We have gained

Making history

Should run through our veins

Accepting the LORD

Is a process of change

Being reborn

And walking in His righteous ways

Is confessing your sins

And you’ll be redeemed

Don’t hold it within

And He’ll be there, on time of need

For the things, we have done

He’ll set us free

For He is the one

Who give us eyes to see

I wrote this back in 2006 when I met Jesus. My whole life changed. He gave me a desire to read His Word. I fell in love it and I was inspired to write this poem.

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