How Should You Handle Dislikes in Government? 

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Letter to my Senator

You responded to my email and although you chose wording to try to smooth over the people of the state you represent you made decisions that have clearly spoken what you stand for and clearly who you are working with. I am not a republican or a democrat. I expect the person I vote for to work for the PEOPLE. Unfortunately you have been a part of what I consider the worst administration in my lifetime.

I asked along with many other Americans for you to take a stand for the people who you are supposed to represent. You did stand and therefore clearly defined yourself as our Senator. I will also take a stand at elections. We do not know, you may win or be defeated but we all have the right to make our choices.

I will say that no, I did not want the shutdown of the government but sometimes we have to stand up and try to fight for that which is worth fighting for. Many did that! I have great respect for those who did. They knew they would lose the battle but they stood anyway and took the chance and fought for the Americans and in the end what would be the best for the future of what was once a great nation. First mistake was passing the health bill without being able to know what was in it FIRST. Being told that you must pass it to know what is in it seems to be pretty insane to the majority of those of us on the outside of Washington who actually pay attention to what is going on. Secondly I would have to ask you IF YOU actually ever read and studied the entirety of it AFTER you helped to pass it? My guess would be no. Shame on you for not caring more about the future of your children and grandchildren and our future nation. Maybe you need to take a step back and humble yourself and see beyond Washington and see beyond your world you live in and all those who surround you. Step into the real world. The place where families are afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of how they will feed their families. People did have access to healthcare by the state if not by a job before but Washington tried to paint a different picture. Now most will be in a worse place from a healthcare position. Many will not notice this for a few years but when it becomes evident it will be far too late.

We are and always have been a giving people. When we have not been stripped of our own rights and choices and taxed to death so that we can have a BIGGER and ‘BIGGER government we have had the money to build companies and have jobs that pay others and provide good healthcare AND many families had the money to help those who have needed it. I have given money yearly to others WITHOUT any documentation which means no I would not be able to deduct on my taxes. I have given things and money to those who may not have been seeking government help. I am not alone. This administration is changing that. Soon none of us will be able to help others because every last one of us will be depending on a government who has decided they should tell us all what we can and cannot have and do. They will decide for us if we are deemed too old to TRY chemo to fight our cancer. They will decide if we are to just go back home and die. A couple of years ago my mother in law passed with cancer. She was 72. She had been told two years before and she made the choice to try to battle it. She also made the choice for when she wanted to stop the fight. We should each have the choice. We should not simply be notified by a government board about if we meet the criteria to have treatment or that we simply are not important enough in this world to use the healthcare system that has always been there for us. Sure it is not perfect and some changes need made but this administration is taking us down.

I have never spoken out for anything political in my life until now. I am only one voice. I want you to know I will continue to watch what is going on in Washington. I know Washington is counting on the millions of Americans who are too busy playing games on the internet or too busy watching reality TV to see or to learn what the reality is around them. That is simply where we are today. I will keep fighting for the future of this country. I also assume you will keep playing the games in Washington.

Thank you for your time. I feel certain that you will never see this and your staff MIGHT or might not. God Bless.