John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Making a List” 11/22/2020

Thank you John…

Thank you!

I am thankful for all of my family and friends. 
I am also thankful for…
running water
heated water
Shelter from the weather
Warm comfortable bed
My dogs
Police officers
My job
The list goes on and on.  BUT….above all these things I am the most thankful for God Loving us so much that He provided a way for all of us to be saved from our sinful ways.  We cannot be in the Holy presence of God the Father while we are in our sin.  Because He came down in the form of man whose name was Jesus and born of a virgin, Mary.  Because He discipled men and healed many and taught us through the scriptures in the Holy Bible the way we are to walk.  Because He was sacrificed and crucified on a cross for all of our sins even though He was sinless and perfect.  We can be saved, we can have eternal life with Him.  We can choose to accept the free gift of salvation that He offers all who believe, who have child like faith in Him.  We must fully give our lives to Him daily, repent of our sinful ways.  We all sin, one way or another everyday. Maybe it is simply a fleeting thought but is still sin.  It must be repented.  We must walk humbly with Him while he continues to change us and mold us as we grow.

I am so thankful that the Lord God lifted the Vail from my eyes so that while I once was blind I now can see! 

Praise the Lord God Almighty!  Thank You for your mercy and grace!

You too can have this.  Wherever you are, whoever you are.  You say you have done too many horrid things for God to love you?  Never my friend.  The Bible is packed with examples of men who have done bad things and yet God used them for His Glory, He picked them up and dusted the filth off of them and washed them clean and white as snow and He forgave them. They became His and He was there God.  He is still living and forgiving and waiting on you to cry out in your need for Him.  Muslim, murderers, thief, lier, unforgiving, full of hatred, drug addict….list goes on and on and He already knows more details about your sin than you know.  He still loves you and is waiting for you.  Turn to Him before it is too late.  The one true God!