John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Undecided” on November 15, 2020

My personal thought….”what is truth and how will you know?”.

My own answer is, you will only know if you read the scriptures in the HolyBible and seek Jesus Christ and lean on Him and not all the nonsense and evil going on in even this once great nation. Sad days.

The Sky…..

I recently moved and I did live one mile from work and now it is 25 miles!
Love driving in every morning so early!  I have missed so much when I was only driving a mile down the road to get to work.  Every morning on my 30 minute drive I have prayer time and worship time.  I admire the beautiful painting in the sky each morning.  I decided that I was going to put my camera in the car and take pictures daily of whatever He has for me that morning.  My camera takes better pictures than my phone.

Yesterday I still did not have my camera in my car so I pulled over and snapped pictures with my phone… I took one yesterday and one today… point?

The sky is so big and beautiful and we walk under it every single day.  How do we miss the beauty so much?  Sure there is a day here or there you may notice something but I look forward to the sunrise on my drive every morning!  I cannot wait for what God has to reveal to me!

Yesterday as I took the first picture, it was as if God said to me, “my child, I know you have been thinking about another horrible day at work, another same thing different day but look at the beauty and notice that every day the sky is different.  I paint you a new painting and you look forward to it.   I also make every day and you can choose to look at it as the same day and same thing or you can  see that just as the details in the sky are different EVERY morning so are the days you live.  Every day IS a different day.  Every day is a new day.  Live that day with a new purpose and a new passion.”  Yesterday I responded with tears in my eyes and a simple “yes Lord….and THANK YOU for showing me what is clearly there for all to see.”



Day one


Day two