John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Transitioning” 6/20/21

2 thoughts on “John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Transitioning” 6/20/21

    • I will tell you sister! I was listening to a recorded sermon from my local church that the pastor made in August 2020. He did a topical (Not normal, as he usually only does verse by verse). Anyway, it was such a time during the pandemic and lockdown here in US and right after all the burning of our cities and also just before the stressful election. People were down, depressed, frustrated. He titled it where are we on the timeline…or something like that. Anyway it was very relevant and he kept saying don’t get down but smile inside because we are seeing all this chaos and everything is lining up and he spent time in Daniel and so on. BUT, listening to it AGAIN barely over a year later. It is even MORE relevant than it was while in the middle of this. He spoke about how the whole world is using FEAR to control everyone and we need to stop allowing that and stop listening to it. Even the media is driving fear. Personally, listening to it now, here we are now being forced to take tge shot if you want your job. They told us they were giving religious and medical exemption and just fill out the paperwork. All they got was, accepted and you get LOA+. Meaning you get laid off without pay. Wow.. I have worked here 28 years. Anyway, a year ago when he did that sermon we had no idea how in another year people would be losing jobs and facing food shorts or being kicked out of homes and not to mention the government-globally is only dividing people. Vaxxed vs no vax. Like they needed one more way. They have been working hard to divide us for the last few years. HOLD on.. our TRUE Commander in Chief is on the way! Hallelujah! Praise God.. keep looking up and fear not what all these people are attempting to do to us!

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