John Haller’s Prophecy Update “This IS the New Normal” May 30th 2021

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John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Great Reset? The Great Revealing” 1/24/2021

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John Haller’s Prophecy Update ““Un-prez-i-dent-ed””

November 8th, 2020


John Haller’s Prophecy Update “What Are We Missing?” 10/25/2020

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Judgment is Coming – As In The Days of NOAH – Carter Conlon

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DANNY CASTLE – Preaching On Corona, One World Government, End Times, Mark Of The Beast, Last Days July 2020

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Jan Markell January 2020 “Happening Now”

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Mid-East Prophecy Update – March 10th, 2019

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Prophecy in Today’s News” – 2/28/2019″ (posted March 5th 2019)

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Slavery – The Fight to Abolish it wasn’t Easy

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“This photo shows how to end abortion”


Truth and News Reporters – Where are They?

During the Gosnell trial where were the reporters?

One of the biggest stories over the last few years and yet no one filled the seats? This can’t be!

It took a person who was there to take pictures and send out across social media to get people IN THE SEATS!

This should outrage anyone of us seeking the truth about what is going on in the United States. In the world.

The health department did not visit Dr Gosnell’s so called clinic for 17 years. That SHOULD outrage everyone of us.

The reason the health department did not visit his clinic should cause everyone great concern!

The reason that the reporters did not go to the trial of Dr Gosnell UNTIL they were put on the spot should concern everyone!

Why did this happen? Why did the health department want to avoid the whole thing? Why did the reporters not want this story? Why did they want to keep it quiet? Is it because they care about the truth?

Three reasons.




Nothing about this has to do with women’s health. Nothing good that is. It is all about ABORTION. All about women not taking responsibility for the choices they have already made. All about the doctors who are willing to rake in the money, whatever it takes. Everyone has the dr’s back. Everyone has the filthy clinic’s covered. No one wants to talk about the women who die because of the filth. Because of the reusing of the same equipment from one woman to another and not sterilized in between.

There is a coverup going on where abortion is concerned. HUSH…HUSH LITTLE ONE. It is all across this nation. In our government, state and federal levels. In our news.

Why? Because it is all about WOMEN’S RIGHTS.

How sad. How disgusting have we become…..